Henry Newkirk


Henry Newkirk originally from New Haven, IN.  Henry is a graduate  from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s in Science degree in psychology before attending the University of St. Francis’ physician’s assistant program.  At the time, he was the second youngest attendee of the program before transitioning his career goals to providing care to patients as a pharmaceutical representative.


Henry has worked with several different pharmaceutical companies as a sales representative, and been promoted to training roles including national sales trainer at Shionogi Pharmaceuticals.  During his tenure as a sales representative, he has won multiple awards with his proudest accomplishment winning President’s Club with Janssen Therapeutics.  

While experiencing several downsizings, Henry Newkirk has maintained a positive demeanor of the values learned from each experience and continued to consistently grow sales quickly and effectively with each transition, most recently in neurology as an executive sales specialist with Shire.