Henry Newkirk

An Interview with Henry NewKirk

“Each day I set out with a set of goals and plan of strategy to accomplish those goals. Going into each day with strategized and focused goals allows me to have deliverables I can quantifiably evaluate, that if accomplished, will lead to success and allow me opportunities to grow in my profession.”

A Discussion on Balancing Working in Sales & Home Life

“What I love most about the pharmaceutical industry is the challenge it presents every day and knowing that my efforts can improve the lives of my clients. It is exciting to know that every day presents a new challenge that will require proactive preparedness to take head on and deliver impactful results.”

How the Pharmaceutical Market has Expanded Via COVID-19

Nearly every industry has been impacted by COVID-19, but few more so than the pharmaceutical industry. From an initial soar in demand for medication to a renewed focus on research and development to find a vaccine, the pharmaceutical market shows no signs of slowing down.

Henry Newkirk

Henry Newkirk

Henry Newkirk is originally from New Haven, IN.  He graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s in Science degree in psychology before attending the University of St. Francis’ physician’s assistant program.  At the time, he was the second youngest attendee of the program before transitioning his career goals to providing care to patients as a pharmaceutical representative.